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Name:Catholicism Discussion Community
Location:Holy See
Website:The Holy See
Posting Access:All Members
Community description:Discussion of Catholic interests on DW
The following stolen almost verbatim from the Livejournal Catholicism community:

This is a community for and about Catholics. Most of the topics pertain to those churches in Full Communion with Rome; however, discussions involving other branches of the one, holy, catholic and apostolic Church are more than welcome. This is an open-membership community. You don't have to be Catholic to join or participate. In fact, many of the most frequent and thoughtful contributors aren't! Anyone with something respectful to say is welcome to join.

Although the moderators prefer to take a "hands-off" approach to moderation, there are a few things you should know. All persons who post and comment are expected to maintain a respectful attitude and any post or comment which is a "flame" or otherwise offensive may be subject to immediate deletion. All contributors to the community are urged to carefully and prayerfully consider their words prior to hitting the "submit" button. Also, you may wish to keep in mind that the attitude in this community is very pro-Catholic. If such an environment may make you uncomfortable, it's recommended that you monitor the community for a while before actually joining.

Anything relating to Catholicism is fair game for discussion in here -- beliefs, practices, culture, theology and anything else related to Catholicism. Off-topic posts are also permitted, but should be kept to a minimum.

For the record, the moderators will consider things very carefully before stepping in and donning their moderator's hats. In the spirit of genuine communication, debates are allowed go to a point that is, in our opinion, pretty far afield before putting a stop to them. However, there are some things which will not be permitted in this community:

* any post or comment regarding the Church's teaching on the morality/admissibility of abortion. How we apply the Church's teaching on abortion in our lives is still fair game.
* obvious trolls
* intentionally provocative comments
* flames, name-calling and other disrespectful or derogatory comments (no matter what the situation)
* profanity
* unrelated or unchecked petitions, letters, etc; please go to before posting anything that has been forwarded to you
* posts and comments that are disrespectful (using a fairly loose definition) toward any branch of the church Catholic
* attempts to prosyletize Catholics
* misuse of doctrine and attempts to pass off false "theology" as genuine
* any comment or post that would be inappropriate for children, this includes standards of language, as this is a general-viewership community and I do not monitor the ages of members

Any member who breaks these rules will get one warning and on the second occurrance will be suspended for 3 months. If the user continues to break the community rules, rather than being suspended a third time, the person will banned.

Interests (106):

all saints, all saints day, all souls, all souls day, amen, angels, annunciation, anointing of the sick, apocrypha, ascension, ash wednesday, assumption, authority, baptism, basilica, bible, bishops, blessed sacrament, body of christ, byzantine catholics, candidate, cardinals, catechism, catechumen, cathedral, catholicism, catholics, chrism, christ, christian, christianity, christmas, church, clergy, communion, confirmation, creeds, deacons, deuterocanonicals, easter, eastern churches, elect, eucharist, extreme unction, god, good friday, gospels, grace, heaven, hell, holy ghost, holy orders, holy saturday, holy spirit, holy thursday, holy water, immaculate conception, infallibility, jesus, jesus christ, lamb of god, latin, lent, liturgy, lumen gentium, magisterium, marriage, mass, maundy thursday, melkite catholics, monks, new testament, novena, novus ordo, nuns, old testament, orthodoxy, parish, penance, pentecost, pope, prayer, priests, purgatory, reconciliation, religion, rites, roman catholicism, roman catholics, rome, rosary, sacraments, saint peter's square, saints, scapular, sin, theology, tradition, tridentine rite, triduum, trinity, vatican, vatican ii, veritatis splendor, virgin birth, virgin mary
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