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Cheyan ([personal profile] cheyinka) wrote in [community profile] catholicism2009-10-14 11:42 am

A Eucharistic miracle in Poland?

According to Father Z, there's a possible Eucharistic miracle in Sokolka, Poland. Last October, a host was dropped, retrieved, and put in a glass of water in the sacristy. It didn't disintegrate and appeared to bleed. Unlike the last time I heard about something like this happening, it has supposedly been found to be myocardial tissue, rather than just some red mold, and it's actually been posted on the archdiocesan website and submitted for review to the apostolic nuncio in Warsaw!

(This entry was also posted to [ profile] catholicism on LiveJournal; there were some questions there about why the host was put into water. I did a brief google search; on the first page, at least four hits described exactly this practice, so it can't be all that unusual and does not, alone, explain what happened.)